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Adding an Open Shower to The Bathroom

A longtime trend away from traditional bathroom shapes and sizes has brought the bathroom into a realm of more than just the loo, it’s now often a nearly full-size room with windows and skylights letting in natural light, proper ventilation, and features built for convenience and comfort.

Open showers come in all shapes and sizes, with multiple features, depending on your tastes and desires. Some are simple spaces for standing behind a half-wall, others are large spaces with multiple showerheads at multiple heights, pointing in various directions for an intense shower experience.

Some have built-in seating (great for the elderly and cutting down on bathroom slip and fall accidents), and every open shower has its own adequate, unique spaces for soap holders and room for various body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Open showers can be built and designed for single use, or multiple use when partners are in a hurry and need to shower simultaneously.

The days of showering in the dark behind a dense curtain are gone, too, with multiple lighting choices for open showers, in wide choices of styles.

And, when adding an open shower, take into consideration environmental needs, such as a specialized heater for that single room during cold weather months, or enough air conditioning power to efficiently evaporate shower steam.

Open bathroom plans are plentiful, with a design for every space. Open showers can be added and still have the comforting feature of a full bathtub for those moments when only a warm, soothing soak will do. Sinks and vanities can be designed to meet every need, from a single sink to the tried-and-true Jack and Jill arrangement with two sinks. Storage space is important, too, for bath linens and accessories.

When planning your new open shower, consider what other features can be added to your upgraded bathroom, such as low-flush volume, chair height toilets for greater comfort and green savings, too. Faucets and showerheads can be selected with water flow restrictions which still provide more than adequate water pressure.

Any upgrading and remodeling of a bathroom adds immediate value to a home, and, when the times comes to sell, improves the chances of selling a home, at a higher price.