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5 Reasons to Add a Bespoke Conservatory to Your Home

A conservatory can add to the value of a home

when any type of home improvement is performed on your home, it will automatically increase in price. Imagine the value that will be added when an extra room like this is added. Usually a person usually doesn’t think about the value when they are getting a conservatory added. The feelings going through a homeowners mind have more to do with the likely uses of the room at the present moment. It’s just reassuring to know that if you should decide to sell your house, you will be able to ask for a much higher selling price. When a possible purchaser of the house sees your conservatory, they will understand why the price of the house is much higher than a similar property without one. These beautiful additions are sought out by lots of families, but some hesitate getting one built because it’s time consuming and sometimes expensive.

Additional functional space is added to your property

When a person thinks of beautiful space within a dwelling, they usually think of a conservatory. as well as having a stylish and fantastic look, a conservatory also provides a lot of additional space that can be used for an increasing number of daily purposes. Everybody’s initial motivation for adding a conservatory varies from person to person. Some may choose to add extra space for personal or business use. Some people may be thinking about adding a conservatory because they want to run their own business or work from home. There is enough space to fit in a desk, computer and other office equipment and the natural light can be very motivating . A conservatory is also ideal for personal reasons. It can provide an additional room for a lounge, dining area or simply a chill out room, it can also become a great gym because it offers both open space and natural lighting. The potential is infinite and it’s restricted only by your imagination.

It can add to the overall beauty of your home

There are many diverse types of construction material that can be used, but when someone uses wood for a structures such as bespoke conservatories, particularly hardwood, it can blend nicely to the natural beauty of a certain type of home. Wood has a natural, beautiful nature. Not only does it look nice as a addition to the # house, but it blends beautifully with the neighbouring surroundings. Modern PVCu is ideal for low maintenance and blend nicely with a more modern home especially one that already has UPVc windows and doors

Conservatories save on utility bills

Conservatories are constructed mainly of glass, so generate a lot of natural light , even on cloudy and dull days, this does away with the need to put on a light during the day especially if being used as a home office where you would sit for 6 to 8 hours a day, Besides that, there won’t be a need to turn on the air conditioning on hot days because even DIY conservatories can be designed with a number of vents to bring in fresh, cool air throughout the day, during cooler days the glass will intensify the suns rays much like a green home making it feel warming that it actually is hence saving on heating bill. Savings can be made on so many different levels.

Conservatories are built to withstand the harshest weather conditions

If you decide to use hardwood for your conservatory it will be able to withstand the most severe of weather conditions, especially if the wood is protected with a durable weather resistant sealer . wood is also a good natural insulator meaning that extreme weather transfers will not be experienced. If you choose to use UPVc your onto a winner, plastic is not only a natural insulator but the special hollow design of the frames give additional protection against the elements.

So weather you choose a fully bespoke conservatory or the more budget self build DIY conservatory the 5 points above should give you that push to go ahead with the most popular home improvement currently being undertaken in the UK today

How to Design The Perfect Bespoke Kitchen

Creating your bespoke kitchen design can be difficult, and, with so many options, often confusing.

To help, here are some pearls of wisdom from the expert designers at Kitchen Design Centre to help you create perfect modern or traditional kitchens.

How should I arrange my designer kitchen?

The top priority for designer kitchens is always practicality. The kitchen will work best when you assign three designated areas.

First, there is the preparation area. The fridge should be positioned next to the worktop and utensils drawer.

Then there is the cooking area, where all your appliances should meet. Your cleaning areas, including your sink, dishwasher and draining board, shouldn’t be too far away from the other two areas.

Putting an island or breakfast bar adds an additional social and storage area.

Should I customise my kitchen?

Since the kitchen is the hub of your home, it is important to choose a design and layout to help you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Personal touches might include large windows and doors to let the light in, wall pictures and photographs or fragrances.

Is stainless steel or wood the best finish? Stainless steel has a clinical look, perfect for professional kitchens. It can be excellent for an efficient looking kitchen, but it is not to everyone’s taste.

Traditional wood, such as oak, looks much more warm and welcoming. Light wood and large French doors that lead into the garden create a very open, yet comfortable ambience.

Which is better, open-shelving or fitted cabinets?

Fitted cabinets with organised layered shelves are usually more efficient so you know where everything is.

Should I hide or display my kitchen utensils?

This is very much a personal choice, but having your kitchen utensils on display means you always have them to hand.

Which saucepans should I stock my kitchen with?

You need the perfect cookware to make the perfect dish, and it really is worth investing in a premium brand.

Quality cookware lasts longer than other pans and has substantial health benefits. The non-stick coating doesn’t have any toxins that can break down and chip off into your food, unlike low quality pans.

What is the most common kitchen design mistake?

Many people neglect light and ventilation. It is, however, vital to the overall feel of the kitchen to have an abundance of them.

Which is the best type of flooring for designer kitchens?

The most practical and, often, the best aesthetically is tiled and wooden flooring. You can personalise them to your taste and, more importantly, they are hygienic and easy to clean.

How do you choose art to blend with your design?

Give your kitchen an open feel with natural landscapes and idyllic outdoor scenario in the form of wall art. To add a calming effect – use muted colours.