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Barcelona Chair – Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe Design

The Barcelona chair is in all respects design icon. With its clean lines and elegant is to be found everywhere: in the famous film, in commercials, in the chic boutiques and trendy bars. The Barcelona has a special charm that makes it able to give a touch of style to which it is placed.

The “father” of Barcelona, Mies Van Der Rohe, was part of 900 years in the first group created around the great master Peter Behrens, with Gropious and Le Corbusier. Van Der Rohe first came to Constructivism, Dutch De Stijl movement, then, the research-oriented formal purity, was also influenced by Karl Friedrich Schinkel for the use of materials such as glass and steel. In the 30s Mies assumed the post of director of the Bauhaus.

The Barcelona born in 1929 in conjunction with the arrival of Van Der Rohe’s a very important commission: the creation of the German Pavilion at the World Arts Fair in Barcelona. This work allowed Van Der Rohe to put his beliefs into practice in design and material selection, and it is precisely for this project came to light that the first two Barcelona. In the design of this chair Van Der Rohe put a great effort dictated by the conviction that a chair should answer a long list of needs and it was a piece of furniture that involves “endless possibilities and a lot of problems.” The first two were used as the throne Barcelona by the Spanish monarchs.

This first version of Mies Van Der Rohe made only a few slight changes in 1950, slightly changing the design and introducing the use of stainless steel. Today the structure is composed of a single bar of steel in the shape of x and nine steel supports that support the seat and backrest. The cushions are leather and shaped to match the structure. The Barcelona combines design and functionality, resulting in a comfortable seat and comfortable.

Today sofas and footstools are also produced that reflect the design of Barcelona.

Although many architects and furniture designers of the Bauhaus era were intent on providing well-designed homes and impeccably manufactured furnishings for the common man, the Barcelona chair was an exception