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Can I Buy A Cheap Hot Tub For My Family

A hot spa always looks good and inviting but the initial cost can appear to be a little steep for a hard pressed family in these times of austerity. There is however a very good and tempting solution from one of the leading manufacturers in the business. Bestway now produce two inflatable models, which look good and do an excellent job without costing a fortune.

In fact the standard model retails for less than 400 and the premium model for less than 500, which is a very good starting point. The hot tub is looks like a typical inflatable pool but the larger model is an oval shape some 9 feet long, 6 feet wide and 2.5 feet high. This hot spa will comfortably hold 4 to 6 people, which is usually more than adequate. These hot tubs are exceptionally comfortable to sit in and can be left out through the summer with the cover on to keep out leaves and other wind blown objects.

A simple tub like this can be set up in around 10 minutes. It is first laid out on a suitable flat area, which has been cleaned and checked for any sharp bits and then inflated by the portable pump. The water pump is then fitted to the tub connections and the tub is then filled with water, the larger model can take about 320 gallons to fill. The water pump system is then bled free of air and the pump connected to an RCD protected electrical supply and the heating is turned on. It will heat the water on a rapid heating programme at a rate of about 1 degree C per hour and it can go as high as 40 degrees C.

The hot tub will require a certain amount of maintenance and this is most important but is no worse than any hot tub. The silver filter needs regular cleaning and replacement at set intervals and the water needs a chemical treatment on a regular basis. The system is perfect for the family usage in the back garden and the typical summer pool party. It stores very well with a zipped on cover, however like all such water filled pools children should always be supervised by the hot tub or access to it should be locked off. Value for money takes some beating although the running costs are equivalent to any hot tub.