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Organize With The Help of Sterilite Containers

It takes a lot of careful planning and the right resources to store and organize things at home. Thank God someone invented Sterilite containers. Sterilitehas a wide array of containers, boxes, and drawers to make things more organized and provide you enough space in your house at very affordable cost. The Sterilite Clear View series of products is one of the most sought-after, go-to storage boxes that go perfectly well with just about any purpose you can think of. You can turn it into a reusable gift box and make some decorations to it or simply use them for storing snack items. There is virtually a lot, you can do with these transparent containers. Although they may not be as sturdy as their more compact counterparts, still they are great in keeping stuff used very often. Their light weight allows you to place them on topmost shelves and since they are light, you can easily retrieve them than bulkier versions.

Of course, Sterilite containersare commonly used as snack keepers at home. Since they are called Clear view, all the contents inside the box, whether it is food, books, clothes, toys, seasonal items and so much more, is visible. It comes in 20 – 70 quarts capacity. However, the 66 quart size is the most in-demand and easy to find. They just fit right in any shelves and inside the closets. You can buy these nifty keepers within the five dollar price point which sounds reasonable. Before purchasing, you need to know the measurement of the Sterilite containers that you need, so that they can fit like a glove to wherever you are going to tuck them in.

Another great thing about its transparent body is that there are no annoying stickers or embedded logos on all four sides of the box so viewing what is inside is a no-brainer. If you are going to use it as storage for clothes, toys and kid-related things, you can have it personalized by placing a permanent marker with their names on it or you can paint them with something artistic, then place a sealer to cover them. Although, it is not really recommended to use them for a long time, since they are not airtight, moisture could eventually build up from inside. So that means, it is susceptible to mold growth, insect infestation and breeding ground for foul ‘old-clothes’ odor. So if they do smell bad at some point in time, you can easily wash them and towel dry.

If you need a storage container that is about 12 inches high and 24 inches long, a 66 quarts Sterilite containermay be enough for you. You can conveniently stack them on top of each other as marked by the indentations on their lids. However, as mentioned earlier they are not as durable as the tote versions, so storing them that way might not be such a good idea because it can be prone to breakage when you stack multiple containers on each other. Organizing your lighter items, you can stack as high as five or six containers without knocking them over or fall on you when you open your drawers. But just to be on the safe side, you should just stack them not more than three stacks high. There are various 66 quart boxes made by Sterilite, so there is got to be enough for everyone. Remember to test the lids while you are in the store before you buy them, so that you would know if this one’s going to serve your purpose.