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How To Create A Comfortable Room

When do-it-yourself home decorators start their projects they think of fabrics and paint colors, furniture and flooring, texture and lighting. They head to a home decorating store and look at carpet samples, compare flooring prices, study the specs on faucets, and borrow wallpaper sample books.

Very rarely do do-it-yourself decorators take the time to sit down with graph paper and map out a room for comfort. Chair placement is often decided by the aesthetic quality or balance. Almost never do home decorators determine how to place furniture before they take the time to lay out a room.

That is why there are bedrooms that contain chairs, which will never be used. Poor furniture placement in the living room forces people to turn their heads to talk, lean uncomfortably when placing coffee cups on tables, raise their voices when speaking, and twist uncomfortably in furniture.

It is not that difficult to create a comfortable room. The first step is to create a focal point. This point should be some place that draws the eyes. It can be a bookshelf, piano, mantle, or a table with a vase of flowers. However, do not become too enamored with the focal points in decorating magazines.

Yes, a beautiful $500 hand blown vase full of blood red roses may look perfect on an antique table. But, the cost of replacing $50 of roses every couple of weeks, the frustration of maintaining an antique table, and the fear that a child will shatter the vase, make the magazine’s suggestion impractical.

This type of impractical decorating has been seen in many larger homes. Home decorators buy over sized and overstuffed furniture. They expertly lay out rustic rooms with 6? square mosaic coffee tables. However, when the room is finished, the table cannot be used for fear that it will be ruined and people are so far apart that communication is difficult.

In fact, if you?ve ever tried to curl up in an overstuffed chair with a hot drink, a quilt, and a good book, you?ll quickly realize that furniture manufacturers sacrificed comfort for prestige and image.

Another consideration when creating a comfortable room is the traffic flow. There is nothing more frustrating than running a gauntlet of furniture and clutter. Traffic should be able to move through a room without forcing people to move their feet off stools, or tuck their feet in so someone can pass.

Traffic should also be able to move through a room without stepping over furniture, or walking in front of the television screen. Traffic should also move without bumping into entertainment centers, bookcases, and knocking items off tables.

This brings another aspect into consideration. Many people feel that rooms need to be cluttered with furniture. This is not true. Purchasing a large, solid wood entertainment center, just to ?own? it, is as impractical as using over stuffed furniture in family rooms.

Smart home decorators do not sacrifice comfort to create an image. They do not fill a room with expensive art and figurines to make a ?prestige? statement. Uncluttered, comfortable rooms are easy on the eye, relaxing, and encourage people to stay together in the room ? a valuable asset in today’s hectic life.

Create A High-tech Bathroom With Electronic Bidets!

Gone are the days when meeting the needs was all that mattered. Today, what matter more is style! Yes, ‘meeting the needs’ still matters, but that is seen more as a ground function, and along with it, style is expected in each and every aspect of living.

For instance, earlier, there used to be old style of bathrooms, which just consist of 3 things- toilet seat, shower and sink. But nowadays drastic changes can be seen! Starting from its interiors, bathroom equipment, vanity, to the electric bidets, you’ll see that people want each of these to be elegant.

The term ‘electronic bidets’, might put questions in your mind that what are these, and how they are different from ordinary toilet seats. Then let me put a glimpse that these are latest style of toilet seats, which has taken the place of ordinary toilet seats.

However, still there are people who choose to go for normal toilet seats. Probably they are not aware of electronic bidet toilet seats. If you also one of them and thinking what so good about electronic bidets that has made it so popular, then this article will give you an idea about the same.

From the term bidet toilet seat, it must be clear that these are used in bathroom. However, there main function is same as other seats i.e. once you finished with toileting, all you just need to do is push the flush button. But besides this, there is a lot more than a flush button, which these bidets can offer. These electronic bidets have nozzle spray, warm water supply, controls on water pressure, remote control, warm air dryer, deodorizing, easy removable seats etc.

Apart from all the above mentioned features there is one more feature in bidets, which is known as heated toilet seat. The user can enjoy warm seat when they would go to toilet. This is truly beneficial for people for people in winter season or for people living in cold regions. However this is not season specific; rather one can use it any time according to their preferences. All just they need to do is activate the heated element via control and make the seat warm within few minutes.

Although all the above mentioned features depends on the bidets model (because high model would have high features, whereas lower model of bidet would have less features), which you would be buying according to your budget and needs.