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Hayward Pool Pumps ? The Latest Developments

In earlier years the task of making a selection of a swimming pool pump was somewhat easier then it is today. Sure there were various makes and models but the feature options that are available today on top quality product such as Hayward pool pumps simply weren’t part of the picture back then.

High Tech Alloys and High Impact Plastics

Also, along with new features things like newer high tech alloys and high impact corrosion proof plastics have been engineered into Hayward pool pumps, making them the first choice for pool owners in the market pool pumps that stand the test of time.

Pool Pump Spare Parts

One thing that far too many people fail to consider when purchasing their pool pump, is spare parts. After all, the pump is the workhorse of the pool and will transfer millions of gallons of water over the course of its service life span.

Spare Parts for Hayward Pool Pumps

This is why Hayward pool pumps have set the new standard in the industry in the area of parts procurement. While other pool pump manufactures focus on selling their customer a new pump once their original is in need of repairs, Hayward makes available online virtually any part you could ever possibly need for their entire product line.

Cooler and Quieter

Hayward pool pumps also was the first in the industry to pioneer the development of newer and far more efficient high tech cooling fans. Not only do these new pumps run far quieter but they are also run so much cooler as well as a result.

Energy Efficient Hayward Pool Pumps

They are also the industry leader in developing and marketing energy efficient pool pumps that in fact pump more water for less money. So as energy pries are on the steady rise, Hayward pool pump research developers are hard at work discovering new ways to save their customers money on their energy bills.