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A Kitchen Renovation With a Difference

After having purchased a house during an online auction, I had no idea what the overhaul condition was, but I will soon find out as the keys will be dispatched by post today, and should be in my possession early tomorrow morning. Only then will I be able to see in detail, what needs to be done to fix the house up and sell it on for a tidy profit. Well at least that is the plan at the moment.

With the keys in hand, the very next morning I took a drive over to the new house. My first impressions were that it is in very good condition and has had some major renovations done in recent years. It has more than fifty percent new double glazing windows and doors. The roof is new, as is the guttering and drain pipes alike. The inside has seen some new wooden floors being laid and two rooms have been plastered to a high standard. It was obvious the past owner had big plans for the house, but never got to finish or see it through.

The first walk around the newly acquired property was quite a relief, until I turned the corner and looked in the room where the kitchen (in Norway we say kj- kken) should be. It was a disaster area, not only had there been a fire at some time in the past, it had also seen a huge flood, that made the floor sink by six or seven inches in the center. This kitchen needed a comprehensive renovation and one like I have never done before.

The kitchen renovation will encompass an entire new floor, all new walls and a complete new ceiling. In one respect the complete kitchen renovation will be a good project as we can be innovative in the design, as we will have a blank canvas. We can have a bespoke handmade wooden kitchen made to measure, with built in appliances. I am particularly looking forward to renovating the lighting. It will be a system where the color changes ever so slowly, the lighting will be hidden during the kitchen renovation. We can use the shadows to emphasize the shapes of the cabinets and worktops alike.

The kitchen renovation needs to be done to a very high standard in a tight time schedule, if I stand any chance of a quick resale turnaround, it will have to be completed no later than four weeks from today. Or I will miss the season and have to wait while Christmas comes and goes, it will not be until March before the housing market will pick up again. The kitchen renovation, if done right could sell the house on its own. I will use the waiting time for the cabinets to rebuild the structure of the kitchen and paint the rest of the house.

I have to ensure I have everything ready so when the kitchen arrives, it will receive our undivided attention, the kitchen renovation should go to schedule and hopefully stay on budget.

My kitchen renovation can’t be done without the technical documentation (in Norway we say teknisk dokumentasjon) from this website, that helped me a lot.