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Droog Explodes Green In Contemporary Lighting

Reusable and recyclable items turn into glowing works of art when presented by designer Tejo Remy. Brilliantly displayed by Droog, a Dutch based company known for its use of industrial and recycled materials, simplicity reins supreme in the whimsical and productive use of everyday items for the theme of modern lighting.

Remy’s Milk Bottle light is reminiscent of the Dutch 50s when a case of milkbottles were delivered to homes. Plastic reusable shades provide the right amount of soothing light for hanging in a home or use for display in today’s museums. A symmetrical grouping of twelve or singularly, this uncanny light can be used overhead or inches from the floor. Also popular in restaurants and commercial buildings, the creative expertise of old and new come together to form a delightful change.

Fifteen year old Droog has been making a difference with green innovative products in style and purpose and was once again a popular choice at this year’s ‘A Touch of Green’, held in Milan. A company demanding a change without compromising style, Droog is based in Amsterdam but has independent designers as well as clients all over the world.

Droog regularly taps the talent of young designers including Rody Graumans. Selected for inclusion in Droog’s first design collection, Graumans’ 85 Lamps Chandelier was also chosen for the permanent collection of The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Comprised of 15-watt bulbs and a bundle of black cords and sockets, this stunning display of light is used in many museums. Never could one imagine that simple discards could be arranged in such a graceful way. Less and more, the entire unit only weighs fifty-five pounds.

Creative in everything he touches, Arian Brekveld, designer, has a background in environmental and industrial projects and brings to Droog the Soft Hanging Lamp. By utilizing the old fashioned PVC drip method, he molds the traditional lamp into a soft, flexible globe for safety and beauty. Hanging blissfully from a matching cord, the plastics mesh as one to present a binded marriage and to make one wonder, ‘how do they do that’?

Illuminating the way into a green future with astounding new talent makes Droog a leader in modern lighting. Having the foresight since 1993 to see a need for change, they are far ahead of many designers in preserving our world with beauty and style.