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Dusters For Small Spaces

Swifter Dusters

One item I have found that really does the job of getting into nooks and crannies is the Swifter Dusters. Not only do these dusters fit into the most diminutive of cracks but they have a coating that creates a ‘snatch-and-grab’ facility: dust literally clings to the duster. This static electricity keeps hold of the dust and prevents it from blowing around the room as you are dusting. It really is a clever idea, especially if you are prone to allergies.

It is certainly better to make use of these dusters for small spaces when you are cleaning between your DVD player and TV and certainly much better than using a damp cloth to clean your plasma television set. Cleaning up dust and debris from small spaces in the car is one of my worst nightmares but the Swifter Duster really does the trick amazingly well. Not only does the Swifter pick up dust and dirt but it is also pretty good with removing pet hair from small crevices as well.

Vacuum Duster with Flexible Fibers

A patent was applied for on 9th January 2008 by the inventor, Jeremy F Knopow. This vacuum duster for small spaces is a handheld dust elimination appliance that has a vacuum machine, together with motor and battery mounted onto a lightweight handle. The duster device itself is made up of strands of fibers through which the vacuum airflow can be sucked. The flexible fibers are able to get into the smaller spaces, or as close to them as necessary and, with the aid of the vacuum suction, draw out the recalcitrant dust from those tiny inaccessible places. While this device is primarily designed for collecting up small particles such as dust and pet hairs, there is a facility to enable larger particles to be picked up as well.

Turbo Air Rechargeable Air Dusters

I thought these resembled an electric toothbrush which amused me since I used to keep all the old toothbrushes in the house for cleaning into diminutive spaces. The Turbo Air Rechargeable Air Dusters for small spaces are cordless and feature a 29,000 rpm motor. This powerful motor ensures that air is propelled out at around 30 miles per hours. Investigating this little marvel closer, the design appears to be quite compact and the idea itself is excellent. This WD-40 Turbo Air Blower System is much safer than having to rely on cans of compressed air and it certainly works pretty efficiently for cleaning those hard-to-get-to spaces on your keyboard and in your computer.

There are various different slants on the above ideas but, basically, most dusters for small spaces are similar – either in design or in the way they operate. The Swifter Duster is great. It really does do what it says it has been designed for. There are quite a few similar concepts around – very similar, but with different names. As with the Swifter Duster, the refills do tend to be quite expensive and are not particularly eco-friendly. In terms of whether we are looking at a mini-toothbrush type device for cleaning tiny spaces or whether we are looking at the vacuum-type affair with flexible duster fronds, the ideas are again similar. However, anything that can do the job of removing dust from diminutive spaces in a fraction of the time is well worth considering.

Personally, if I am completely honest, I would choose the Turbo Air Rechargeable Air Dusters due, mainly, to its competitive price – and the fact that it works!