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Do You Choose a Power Shower or an Electric Shower

When the shower was introduced in to society it was a marvel that transformed our lifestyle for the better. It was not only a new faster method of washing in comparison to the bath but it also provided us with a more vigorous and refreshing appeal, furthermore it allowed us to save money on water consumption.

Today the shower has evolved again offering a range of applications suited to any home. You can opt for the simplistic electric shower or for something a little more technical such as the power shower. Know these may seem every day symbols that you see online or in the plumbing merchants but do you really know the difference?

It can be pretty confusing knowing which shower is best suited for your needs. The short of it is that an electric shower provides you with hot water instantly as soon as you turn the system on. The way in which the electric shower works is all through a high powered heating element that heats the cold water as it circulates all in a matter of seconds giving you a continuous supply of hot water.

The power shower works in an entirely different way to the electric shower, it is actually fed by a cold water feed coming directly from the water tank fitted in your attic and a separate hot water feed coming directly from a boiler or immersion heater. The main difference is that it takes time to heat the water and the water pressure is much stronger and this is why it is referred to as a power shower.

However when it comes down to cost these systems are entirely different!

The majority of people will agree that the electric shower tends to be the cheaper option. This is largely due to the fact that the electric shower only uses electricity whilst it is in use. As soon as you turn the system off the cost also stops straight away. However the immersion heater or gas boiler must be switched on first to heat the water and this can take a good hour or so to ensure you have heated the water up to the desired temperature to enjoy a good showering session.

Another reason why the power shower can result in costing more is that the majority of people who turn on their immersion heater or boiler will at certain points forget to turn it off so again it is continually costing you money. There are many tips in which you can use to ensure you reduce this heating bill such as installing a timer. With the timer you have the ability to set the immersion to a desired time ensuring you do not forget to turn it off! Also it is wise to set the immersion to heat the water up at around 6am for an hour (this is off-peak and therefore cheaper). Most water tanks are insulated and therefore will keep the water hot until you get up and have your morning shower.

Why Electric Cooktops Are The New Thing In Kitchen Fashion

When it comes to our kitchens, we always seem to be to put our fingers on something we’d like replaced or upgraded. The kitchen industry has changed drastically in the past few years, and everything from electric cooktops to laminate surfaces has acquired a new face. People are either going one of two ways with new kitchen designs, they want a cabin effect with elegance, or a modern and futuristic look. These two areas are the main focus today in the kitchen industry, as each of them brings style, fashion and excellence. However, not all of us can afford a totally new kitchen, or to revamp the whole room. It isn’t feasible or possible at some times for us, so what can we do to change our kitchens? What is the best way to make your kitchen feel new and refreshing, without forking out a huge sum on labour and parts with a kitchen company? The best answer, is gradual change.

By gradually changing parts of your kitchen, you can slowly acquire the desired look you want, and not having to fork out one large sum of cash. This way you make small additions to your kitchen each month, or every other month, and at the end of the year, your kitchen could be completely transformed. People always make the common mistake of seeing a kitchen they like at a showroom or in a catalogue, and think, “I can’t afford that”, or, “we’d never be able to have that”, when it’s not true at all, you can, just spread things out a little, it all comes down to budgeting. If you can plan a budget, you can start to remodel your kitchen, and you will feel little surprises each day when you walk into your kitchen and see the new object or device you have replaced.

One area of kitchens that most people want to change first is their cooktop. Cooktops are probably the most used and abused area of a kitchen, as they have to handle the spills, heat and mess that goes on in that sector. There are now new types of cooktops available, and electric cooktops which are really coming into fashion. People who have electric flats and homes are already seeing the benefits of the electric cooktops, even people with gas and electric prefer the electric cooktops, as they are so easy to fire up, and you don’t get the gassy smell. They are much safer to use too, you won’t have to worry about you kids filling the kitchen with gas, as it won’t be an option.

There is a website that offers amazing deals on high quality electric cooktops, and their company has been servicing clients for many years, and has a huge list of satisfied customers under their belt. The company is Dacor, and they provide an excellent electric cooktop service. You can view the many designs and styles that Dacor has available on their website, and if you have any questions, you can simply enquire with a member of staff, they will be happy to help you.