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Hot Tub Sale Brentwood, TN – Sauna Sale – How a Hot Tub Can Help With Exercise Recovery

Most of us are pretty familiar with the benefits of exercise. In fact, we’ve been told for years by our doctors, friends, and parents to eat right and exercise for optimal health. But what about the damage physical activity causes to muscles and joints? How can you get the most out of a workout, but avoid the discomfort of post-exercise recovery? Luckily, there is a way to significantly reduce recovery time, helping you feel better fast. Learn how a quick dip in the hot tub can soothe tired, overworked muscles and accelerate exercise recovery.

Recovering After Exercise – Exercise is beneficial to the body for several reasons. It gives you more energy, builds muscle strength and endurance and even helps you sleep better. But physical exertion also creates tremendous stress on the muscles and joints. In fact, physical exertion produces lactic acid and Co2 build up in the muscles, which leads to fatigue or that sore, overworked feeling, common after exercise.

A soak in the hot tub can make the discomfort of sore muscles less intense by breaking down and releasing lactic acid and Co2 from the body. The heat from the hot tub increases blood flow which makes it easier for your body to heal damaged muscle fibers. Long term, recovery time is quicker and easier, leaving you feeling energized and ready to go.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy – Hot tub hydrotherapy can actually promote healing of injured muscles and joints. It’s a common practice that is used by leading hospitals, doctors and health care professionals to help people feel better quicker. The three properties of the hot tub- heat, massage and buoyancy- work together to calm and soothe achy, sore muscles, helping you relax and recover.

One of the best ways to relax and recover after a hard exercise routine is with targeted massage from the jets in your hot tub. High pressure jets in clusters work wonders on overworked muscles. The heat from the water in your hot tub increases blood circulation which helps your body more efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissues that need it most. And buoyancy creates that weightless feeling, taking pressure off overused joints instantly. Of course, stretching your body while sitting in the hot tub gives you the unique opportunity to get the benefits of lengthening long muscles without damaging or pulling anything.

Recovery after a particularly stressful exercise session can be long and painful. And without proper relief, it can take days just to feel normal again. Luckily, a soak in the hot tub can improve exercise recovery by targeting overworked, sore muscles, giving them the break they need to heal properly. The next time you feel post-workout pain, consider the hot tub for relief and get moving again in no time.

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