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Hayward Pool Filters For a Refreshing Swimming Experience

Swimming pools are one of the most gone-to places especially when the summer season approaches. Most people enjoy the sun and water by going to beaches and swimming pools, they unwind, enjoy and restore the energy that was highly consumed during the busy days of hard work. Bonding takes place mostly in pools as well; families get together, friends and pool parties are very common. Some people choose to go to resorts together with the people they love and have fun swimming under water, children are taught how to swim, and some do hire a professional swimming instructor for them. Others have their own swimming pools in their houses and can enjoy the cool and warm water anytime they want.

Since swimming pools, either public or private, are indeed used by one or more persons, we have to secure its cleanliness and safety. Being a pool owner, may it be a private or a public pool, one need to consider buying equipments that will ensure that the water in their swimming pool is always clean for swimming, and clear for all the dirt that may cause harm to them and their family members.

There are different kinds of filters, it’s up to the person which one he needed most since Hayward pool filters has the variety of filters that are said to be the latest and offers the most advanced technology in ensuring the one’s pool water is in strictly clean and clear condition. Hayward pool filters’ deliver a reliable and a high quality performance with such minimal care, it is easy to operate and the maintenance requirement is low yet it sets a new standard for performance. It is durable giving one a considerably low cost tool with such very good quality. Hayward tools are durable, very dependable and are designed using the most advanced technology today. It is one of the industries’ leading brands when it comes to pool filtering and cleaning.

As Hayward products are gearing to top, the jandy cl 340 also offers to keep the owner’s swimming pool in its hygienic and healthy condition to give him a refreshing swimming experience. The jandy cl 340 is one of the CL Series filters, they are very simple to use and has also a low maintenance. This cl 340 is manufactured from a tough UV and corrosion-resistant. The cartridge filters provide an extra large capacity giving them a longer period of time before cleaning the pool again.

Family-owned General Contractors Offer Proven Experience in Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations

Lone Star Contracting is family-owned (father and son) and operated in Houston. They offer the best value in home custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling, cabinetry, flooring, room additions, repairs and commercial renovations.

As a full service general contractor since 2009, Lone Star Contracting can design, build and install just about anything for your home remodeling or renovation project. From site preparation to complete final walk through, they handle it all.

Your project will be overseen by the company owner, Eric, who will keep you up to date with the job’s progress. They understand that remodeling or renovations cause an inconvenience, so they stay focused with efficient production until the job is done.

“We are proud of the work we do, and it shows in our work and professionalism on the job,” says Eric.

Bathroom remodels

Bathrooms have changed a lot in recent times with modern recessed lighting, crown molding, custom cabinets, granite countertops, custom tile showers with frameless shower doors, tile floors and tub backsplashes, additional storage and smooth drywall and trendy paint.

Lone Star Contracting provides a full-service design and construction service with proven experience. We work with you to develop your ideas-or ours-to update and showcase your bathroom that fits your style. As a design and install bathroom contractor, we oversee both the design and construction services, streamlining the process and helping you stay on budget.

Kitchen remodeling pays back 70-80 percent of their cost

Areas to consider when designing your kitchen include:

Ultimately it’s you who best understands your own working habits and preferences in your kitchen. Lone Star Contracting’s kitchen designer can work with you to design a kitchen that fits your personality and lifestyle. Kitchen improvements may include backsplash, custom cabinets, painting, countertops, lighting, tiles and ceramics and sinks.

Contact Lone Star Contracting for your next bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Enhance Your Family Camping Experience with Portable Cooking Stoves

Camping with your family is a fun and thrilling activity. Children love to be out and exploring, being away from the dull routine of everyday life. The beautiful landscape, the amazing night sky, the fresh air; a family camping is a great way to spend time with your dear ones.

Food is a major part of being outdoors. While canned food may be good enough if you are out with your friends, you will need proper cooking equipment if you are out with your children.

Why Campfire isn’t for Families

Some campers assume a campfire is sufficient to cook meals. However, there are many setbacks to this option. First of all, there is no guarantee that you will find wood for fuel nearby. If you have never been to the campsite before, you might be in for a disappointment if there is insufficient wood. Moreover, starting a fire takes a long time, which is frustrating if you have hungry, complaining children. Keeping the fire going until the meal is cooked is another challenge. These problems are even bigger if you are tired after a long hike or when you have to get up early to get the fire going to make breakfast. Camping stoves are perfect solutions to these problems.

Outdoor Mobile Cooking Stoves

Portable camping stoves are specifically designed for cooking outdoors. These are miniature cooking range with a single burner and a mini gas cylinder attached under the burner. Lightweight and small, they are easy to transport in your car and carry by hand to the site. You don’t have to spend hours trying to get the stove started; simply light the burner and your miniature kitchen is ready.

Another type of stove uses disposable gas canister to work. This is a flat-shaped equipment and less bulky than the one described above. It comes with a carry case for easy conveyance.

Stoves with Multiple Burners

If you are planning to remain at the same campsite without relocating to another, you can opt for a camping stove with two or three boiling rings and burners. This allows you to cook more than a single dish all at once, reducing waiting time. This is a suitable option for larger families.

Family outings are great fun when the food part is sorted out. Find more time to bond with your loved ones by using multiple boiling rings and burners for a hassle-free cooking experience. Maintain a bonfire to enhance the ambiance as you spend special time with your family.

A New Bathing Experience Created by Bathtub Surrounds

For many years, tile was the choice of bathtub surrounds as well as shower enclosures. Plastic shower enclosures offer an inexpensive way to protect walls from water, but they are not that attractive. Hardboard with a laminate coating is another choice but a poor excuse for a bath surround.

More people now choose bathtub surrounds made from stone, and a great many of those are marble. The most obvious reason is that natural stone is an attractive choice, and upkeep combined with durability makes it a popular material.

The old ceramic tile came in four or six inch blocks, which left a lot of grout cracks to invite mildew. Many showers use floor tiles that are even smaller, and this increases the amount of time a person has to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Another problem with grout cracks is the water migration that seeps behind the tile and can cause larger problems.

All types of bathtub surrounds are going to have seams where water can intrude, but obviously limiting the number of seams can only decrease the chances of damage. Many of the natural stone installations have only tiny separations between pieces that don’t use grout, but more lasting and maintenance free sealants.

The predominant choices in stone tub surrounds and shower enclosures are granite and marble, but travertine and slate make excellent choices, too. All of them present a beautiful change from any other kind of material. A shower enclosure can usually be created in solid pieces so that the only penetrable places are in corners and where the wall intersects with the floor. A tub surround may be installed in one piece horizontally and have different sections above the deck as a splash guard.

Creating a Bath Experience If you are looking to design an attractive bathroom, one of the most prolific and visually stunning elements has to be the bathtub surround and how it is presented in the room. A clever and popular plan has the tub in its own alcove, usually elevated above the floor, but there’s a lot to be said for the sunken tub design, too.

Elevating the tub gives more attention to the surround as well as the tub. Steps can be created leading up to the bath that are straight forward, or contain one or more twists and turns that add more diversity in design. A good material to use for the steps might be a rougher stone, which would prevent the chance of slips and falls.

If the alcove is on an outside wall, it’s a great idea to have plenty of windows to make bathing a bright and natural event. You may prefer to have windows of short height that do not reach down to the tub and lend privacy where needed. You can also use opaque glass or, if you have the luxury of a private dwelling, allow full glass to the top on the tub deck.

Depending on the decor style you are aiming for, you have several choices of how to construct the surround. For a very elegant and regal bath, Corinthian columns on each side of the entry are a special treat. Steps leading up to an oversized garden tub might be square cut marble in the lightest of colors. The deck could be the same, and any windows looking out from the bath would be high with arched tops.

If you aren’t trying for the emperor look, rustic might be more to your liking. For instance, if you have a lot of wood throughout your home, you can create a bath alcove that has solid wooden columns on the sides, which support a beam going across the entry. A stone surround could have a low splash with wood panels above. Tall windows with wooden shutters at the lower sash would give privacy or exposure as you wish.

Still another idea for that special tub area is the sunken tub that has steps leading down to it. In this scenario, windows appear at the upper level so that there is privacy while in the tub. Robe hooks would allow for modesty issues when leaving the bath.

One of the features that makes natural stone such a versatile part of the bathtub surround is that it offers so many different possibilities. It is just as at home in elegant styling as it is with a rustic or primitive theme, and it presents a finished product that doesn’t grow wearisome or ever go out of style.