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Finding Reputable Building Contractors

Nowadays thanks to better publicity, self publishing and TV shows like Cowboy Builders the spotlight is really on building contractors. For every homeowner that wants to have building work done, finding trusted builders is very important.

Unless you know the people you are employing personally, there is no way to really tell a good building contractor from a bad one. A lot of people get caught out by cowboy builders because they are such good salesmen. Renovations and extensions to your home can be very costly and it is astounding that some people will spend ages choosing a jacket that costs 100 but will choose the first builder they meet for a project that could cost 20,000!

When you decide you need to hire building contractors, by all means take recommendations from friends and family as word of mouth is a very effective tool, but do not rely on this alone. When it comes to finding a reputable builder you can never really rely on the honesty of other people. You should ask for references from building contractors or ask them to take you to a job they have completed previously. Any builder that is trustworthy will not mind you checking up on them as this is part of doing business. If you do take references, make sure you phone them and do not just take the builder’s word for it. Cowboy builders will rely on you not checking references or previous work and they give an illusion of being reputable knowing full well that many clients will not check out the references.

Finding building contractors that are a member of a trade body does not guarantee that they are trustworthy builders but it is an indicator. When you are getting a quote from the builders you should check whether they are a member of the trade body that they say they are. Contacting a trade body about the builder can help to give you peace of mind and can also help the trade bodies to weed out those building contractors who are falsely claiming to be members?

Whatever the cost of the building project that is being undertaken, you will always need a contract in place before any work starts. A trusted builder will want you to have a contract as it will protect them as well. A contract will lay out exactly what is expected of both parties as well as a fixed schedule of work for a fixed amount of money. There may be changes as the project progresses but you will have a base from which to work from. Any builder who does not want a contract should be avoided.

Finally, building contractors will never ask for complete payment upfront. They are more than likely to ask for a deposit for materials but it should be no more than this. You can choose to negotiate payment throughout the job or at the end. This will really depend on the job itself and the builder. Never ever pay large amounts of money upfront.

Finding The Best Deal on Kitchen Equipment For Commercial Use

The recession is hitting businesses hard, but unfortunately, there are some expenses that need to be paid to ensure survival of the business. Within a commercial kitchen, such as those found in restaurants, commercial kitchen equipment is paramount. If something breaks, or if the business expands, then this is one expense that such a business can little do without.

The economic climate does mean that many such businesses are looking to cut corners. They are purchasing lower quality goods, or second hand goods. However, this is a false economy, a decent restaurant needs a decent set up and unfortunately, this is rarely achieved by purchasing cheap goods or second hand goods. It is much better to find a professional commercial kitchen equipment vendor and approach them for the best deal that they can muster. High quality food requires high quality equipment and there are no corners to cut there: doing so can damage the restaurant’s reputation, and therefore constitutes a poor business decision.

Decent equipment will allow you to prepare your food better. It will give you superior control over such things as heating – which any Michelin starred chef can tell you is essential. It can also speed up cooking times, and therefore satisfy your customers better. Therefore, with the correct equipment, your staff can do their jobs better and your customers will be happier.

When choosing new equipment for your kitchen there are several things to bear in mind. Firstly, you must consider the size of the kitchen, the volume of food you wish to produce, and the type of food you are producing. From this, you can infer which size appliances and commercial kitchen equipment is most suitable to your needs and your production. Clearly, when setting up a commercial kitchen, you will understand the specific type of equipment you need. For example, if you are setting up a pizzeria, then you know that you will need a stone baked oven – at least if you are making authentic pizzas!

Other considerations may include the type of material from which you wish your kitchen equipment to be made. For example, stainless steel is much easier to clean than marble; it is also naturally anti-bacterial, and so will help to prevent the food poisoning, dreaded by many a commercial kitchen owner. Stainless steel also provides sharp lines and helps to add a touch of professionalism to the kitchen.

Clearly, budget is a big issue, but to help you to understand how far your money will stretch, and how to achieve your goals within your set budget, you can make use of a Project Management Service. This will provide invaluable insight into the best way to set-up and install your new kitchen. Project Management is usually offered by commercial kitchen installation businesses, and this can be a great boost to your budget. This is because these people work within the industry; they know how to get the best deals and will often have contracts with suppliers that enable them to provide equipment for a much better price than an individual could find alone.