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Some Basic Things to Keep in Mind Before Going Ahead With Fiber Optic Testing

Testing of fiber cables can prove to be a troublesome task even for an experience professional if not done properly. This is the reason, why having knowledge about some basics related to the task becomes so important.

Below mentioned are some of the basic facts to keep in mind when going ahead with the task of fiber optic testing-

Going Coastal – Accessorizing For The Coastal Style

Bring a taste of the sea shore into your home for summer or all year long. Coastal style decorating has hit it big whether you live near the ocean or not. There’s many different ways to decorate and accessorize in the coastal style. Natural materials that are found on the beach or water are a good start. Just remember not to go crazy and add too much, like any other style coastal decorating requires a light hand. Mix and match pieces to create harmony, balance and a sense of peace and tranquility.

There is more than one way to go coastal; You might just decorate with seashells, driftwood, coral, sand, and the colors of the ocean and beach. This is the easiest way to go at first or if you would like to just add some coastal in the summer months. You will find many exciting home decor items such as beautiful capiz shell bath accessory sets, place mates, platters, mirrors, and shell lamps. Decorate in shades of blue, blue-green, sea green, sand, pink, peach, pale soft yellow and brown. Choose rugs and throw pillows in these colors. Coastal style furniture it usually either white or these colors of the sea. In the living room decorative bowls can be filled with a collection of small shells, sand, small pieces of drift wood, sand dollars, and starfish. The bowls themselves can be coastal in look and feel such as a clam Capiz shell bowl, wood, ceramic or stone bowls are perfect for this style. Large shells can be scattered here and there throughout the house. Use the glass and metal or wood lanterns that are so popular either with a candle or filled with sand and shells. Wall art is easy with beach, Adirondack Chairs, ocean sunsets, or Cape Cod coastal style houses.

Or you might choose an antique nautical theme with aged weathered wood signs and nautical items like a helm’s wheel, extant, a ship’s compass, anchor, a brass bell, barometer and antique telescopes. This theme usually looks best in a den, home office, or family room. Rustic lanterns work well with this theme. Again paintings and prints of sailing ships, and seascapes are fairly easy to find.

Another way you can go is the nautical theme with sailboats and light house decor. There are so many decor items-clocks, rugs, lamps, figurines, to name a few-that you could go over-board! Less is always more when decorating but for one exception in a den or ”man cave” you can get away with ”all things nautical.” Fishing theme items go well with this theme, fish decor, a small net hung on the wall, fishing boat models. You might consider a tank of salt water fish. Decorative bowl that are in the shape of shells can be displayed alone or, if you have no young children, filled with sand and a few fishing lures, old antique fishing hooks or small pieces of driftwood.

You could select a different theme for various rooms, or carry the same theme throughout the whole house. Remember the Great Lakes count as well so you might decorate with findings and decor items found on vacation in this region. Brainstorm and come up with your own ideas, you can’t go wrong as long as it has the feel of being on the coast, beach or water.