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Hydrotherapy Spas – Not Just a Luxury

Hot tubs are not only a luxurious asset to your home, they offer fantastic health benefits that a simple bath cannot compete with. Hot tubs are a vessel for Hydrotherapy – a treatment of disease, specific pain disorders, and stress. Hydrotherapy involves the temperature effects of water. The process of hydrotherapy has been in use since the ancient cultures of Rome and China began to utilize water for its many therapeutic benefits. Water is a paramount resource in all of our lives and it includes many practical health applications that don’t all surround our eight glasses of water a day.

The healing properties of hydrotherapy are based on the thermal effects it has on our skin, muscles, and nerves. Hydrotherapy is the body’s response to hot stimuli, in which impulses are carried to our immune system that ease the production of stress hormones, aid in the process of circulation and digestion, invigorate blood flow and mute pain sensitivity. When you immerse yourself in a spa, your body is stimulated by the heat and begins to operate more effectively – calming your muscles, digestive tract, and also your mind. When you are submerged in water, you experience weightlessness in its most rudimentary form. The weight of gravity on your joints is lessened and your body begins to recuperate from the daily toll of stress.

The added benefit of spas is their use of jets. The jets utilize the hot water to massage and knead your body in key areas that not only help with removing knots that have accumulated, but relax stiff or painful muscles and joints, leaving you feeling refreshed and pampered.

When you buy a hydrotherapy spa, you are inviting yourself into the world of massage, relaxation, and recovery without the cost of a massage therapist. The best part of all is that it will always be located in your house, ready for when you need it most. The health benefits of hydrotherapy don’t stop at pain and stress relief; your skin is always taken care of in the process. Hot water can refresh the skin, helping to sweat out toxins and retain a healthy complexion.

QCA Spas, a North American company who has been in business since 1966, offers a wide variety of spas outfitted with their patented hydrotherapy technology. When you purchase a hydrotherapy spa from – QCA’s online store, you can select a spa outfitted with the Turbo Max system that infuses the water in the jets with air, leaving you with a deeper massage and better results. You can use a top side dial to adjust the intensity of the massage to meet your specific needs.

There are several options from which you can choose from that will target specific areas on the body. The Volcano is a powerful jet that targets your feet and legs. The Whirlpool is ideal for those who need a lower back massage, and it creates a wonderful swirling effect in your spa. The Hydro Max seat is perfect for your neck, shoulders, back and calves – offering you a sit down massage while you have a glass of wine or read your favorite book. The Wave Max seat features 20 jets that are confined to rows that stimulate your entire back and is fully customizable for your own needs. The top of the line in spa hydrotherapy is the Ultra Wave Lounge that offers 58 jets that pulsate throughout your entire body, leaving every limb relaxed and soothed.