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Push Lawn Mower or Riding Mower?

When you want to buy a lawn mower you need to decide if you want a push lawn mower or a riding mower. This is a difficult task for some, while it is easy for others. It might be harder convincing the wife about which one is the right one. Read on to find the things you should consider to make the right choice.

Lawn sizeIt is a decisive factor when choosing between the two models. Generally, for a appliance smaller than half acre, a push lawn mower is more than enough. On the other hand, a riding mower should be definitely considered for a machine that exceeds half acre.

Lawn contourThe contour of the lawn is another main factor when you have to choose between a push and a riding mower. Look at the landscaping and the shape of the lawn. Are there many tight spots and such obstacles as various garden ornaments, trees and bushes? Would you be required to frequently get off and on the riding mower to push things away or to turn a lot to avoid the existing obstacles? Even if riding mowers have excellent turning radius capabilities, if your lawn is fairly small sized, you should go with a push this machine.

Rolling contour or steep slopes can determine you to purchase a riding mower. It is a lot easier to mow uphill on a hot day with a riding mower, especially if a cup holder is also included with the machine.

Lawn with or without fenceCheck the width of the gate if you have a fenced lawn. You simply can’t go through a 36 inch gate with a tractor that is 42 inch wide. Thus, this is an important factor to consider when looking for a suitable mower, especially if the fence is your wife’s favorite.

Different landscaping needsMake sure to check any lawn maintenance and landscaping requirements you might have. Are you going to rake up leaves or dethatching the lawn? Does your machine require some small grading? A riding lawn mower can be easily accessorized to become a valuable all-season helper.

Once you have evaluated your machine with all its aspects, also talk with your wife about getting a push mower or a riding mower. Make a decision that you are both comfortable with and suits your machine maintenance needs.

The task of selecting the most suitable type of this machine should not be overwhelming or annoying as long as you sit down and rationally analyze your individual requirements prior of making any purchase.