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The Oscar HU 400 Pro Juicer

Are you in search of a juicer that will successfully produce healthy and tasty juice for you? If yes, then one product you can consider buying is the Oscar HU 400 Pro juicer. However, it is advisable that before purchasing this product you should gather enough knowledge about it. This article will help you in doing that. The pointers below present to you the most significant features of this magnificent juicing device.

– The Oscar HU400 is a vertical masticating juicer; it comes with a lot less attachments compared to the horizontal masticating juicer.

– The feeding chute of the HU400s is significantly wide, particularly when compared to the horizontal masticating juicers. They boast a revolutionary design, which allow them to extract even the last drop of juice from soft fruits, hard veggies as well as leafy green within only a few seconds.

– The Oscar HU400s work by using next generation cold-press mechanism. They are more effective in preparing healthy juice compared to other juicer models available on the market because they work by using LSTS (Low Speed Technology System).

– Being a vertical masticating juicing device, the Oscar HU400s come with a specially designed juice strainer fitted around their entire auger (screw). This gives these juicing machines the ability of operating at a significantly low RPM, which ranges between 70 and 80, on most occasions. The other benefit of having this specially designed juice strainer is that the device keeps on extracting juice until the last drop of juice is extracted from the pulp.

– With this juicer model, you will surely get nutrient-rich, healthy and tasty juice. It extracts all the healthy ingredients present in spinach, apples and carrots gently without oxidizing or heating the juice.

– The Oscar HU 400 Pro can be used by every member of your family; this also includes elderly people and kids. This is because there’s little chance of getting injured while using this device. It does not possess a single sharp blade and never starts running unless all its parts are assembled correctly.

– Cleaning the HU 400s is also extremely easy. You will only need to rinse them using fresh water in-between juicing sessions; this is more important if you are using the device for extracting juice from different ingredients. To clean a HU 400, you will only need to place it under tap water while it is still running. Water will help in flushing our all the leftover juice and pulps from the device.

– The Oscar HU 400 Pro juicer can be used for a wide range of juicing needs. You can use it for making healthy fruit and vegetable juices; it can be used for extracting juice from leafy greens like wheatgrass, spinach and parsley and it is also a perfect juicing device for preparing soya milk and coconut milk.