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A Kitchen Renovation With a Difference

After having purchased a house during an online auction, I had no idea what the overhaul condition was, but I will soon find out as the keys will be dispatched by post today, and should be in my possession early tomorrow morning. Only then will I be able to see in detail, what needs to be done to fix the house up and sell it on for a tidy profit. Well at least that is the plan at the moment.

With the keys in hand, the very next morning I took a drive over to the new house. My first impressions were that it is in very good condition and has had some major renovations done in recent years. It has more than fifty percent new double glazing windows and doors. The roof is new, as is the guttering and drain pipes alike. The inside has seen some new wooden floors being laid and two rooms have been plastered to a high standard. It was obvious the past owner had big plans for the house, but never got to finish or see it through.

The first walk around the newly acquired property was quite a relief, until I turned the corner and looked in the room where the kitchen (in Norway we say kj- kken) should be. It was a disaster area, not only had there been a fire at some time in the past, it had also seen a huge flood, that made the floor sink by six or seven inches in the center. This kitchen needed a comprehensive renovation and one like I have never done before.

The kitchen renovation will encompass an entire new floor, all new walls and a complete new ceiling. In one respect the complete kitchen renovation will be a good project as we can be innovative in the design, as we will have a blank canvas. We can have a bespoke handmade wooden kitchen made to measure, with built in appliances. I am particularly looking forward to renovating the lighting. It will be a system where the color changes ever so slowly, the lighting will be hidden during the kitchen renovation. We can use the shadows to emphasize the shapes of the cabinets and worktops alike.

The kitchen renovation needs to be done to a very high standard in a tight time schedule, if I stand any chance of a quick resale turnaround, it will have to be completed no later than four weeks from today. Or I will miss the season and have to wait while Christmas comes and goes, it will not be until March before the housing market will pick up again. The kitchen renovation, if done right could sell the house on its own. I will use the waiting time for the cabinets to rebuild the structure of the kitchen and paint the rest of the house.

I have to ensure I have everything ready so when the kitchen arrives, it will receive our undivided attention, the kitchen renovation should go to schedule and hopefully stay on budget.

My kitchen renovation can’t be done without the technical documentation (in Norway we say teknisk dokumentasjon) from this website, that helped me a lot.

Increasing The Possibilities With Drywall Renovation

Most homes are designed as a solid shell on the outside enclosing a living space that can be designed in any number of ways according to the taste and desire of the occupant. This overall design is functional as the home can be altered according to times, tastes and size. With an open space, all it takes to define a new accommodation is simple drywall renovation. The modular characteristic of open spaces filled with partitions of drywall make modern construction a delight. Older construction ideas used walls of brick between rooms that required heavy renovation in the event changes were envisioned. There was also the issue of load baring walls to contend with. In modern construction the ceiling beams stretch across wide open spaces and stood on top of slim pillars of concrete, which enveloped steel. This allowed the best utility of the space.

Drywall Renovation

With an open space, it is possible to design the space into almost any layout. New offices are designed the same way, where the tenant can bring in his own contractor and have the drywall renovation done to reflect their corporate image and maximize on the worker space as much as possible. Using drywall makes the job easy to work with. Drywall comes in sheets so they can be transported from the hardware supplier to the point of the renovation. It is easily stored then easily lowered into place and erected. A 500 square foot space can be renovated in less than two days, depending on the complexity of the interior design.

Using Space Wisely

When using drywall, the wall foot print is less than half when comparing brick partitions. Brick also takes a longer time to lay and requires stronger beams to keep them aligned. Floors need to be strengthened as well to accommodate the weight, and this can increase the total cost of the building when brick partitions are to be used on wooden floors. So that is usually never done. Wood is another option to erect partitions in an open space. However, wood can get expensive and should be used sparingly. As such, for space considerations combined with weight and cost issues, works out better. Drywall yields better usable space.

Annual Renovations

One of the best ways to keep the office energized, or the home for that matter is to periodically have the entire place renovated. Drywall renovation can be done easily unlike the earlier mentioned brick or wood. There are two kinds of changes that one can make to the home or office annually. Once is to just move the furniture around. This does a lot in terms of energizing the room. However, after a few moves, it’s time to change the room itself.

This is when renovation comes in. It’s even possible to not have to use new drywall. The old drywall can be dismantled and erected in a different location easily. There will be some slabs of drywall that would have to be replaced, but not more than just a few.

Kitchen Renovation – The Ultimate Token of Your Beloved Ones Lifestyle

Home renovations are usually put into two classes – your renovation associated with an existing kitchen or the full rebuilding of the new kitchen out of a well used one.

Aforementioned is usually higher priced, as it will incorporate all changes, electrical work and plumbing related fixtures. Despite the fact that a complete renovation may imply completely altering your existing kitchen, as long as you don’t need to demolish that will part of your home, you should still be able to keep the costs affordable.

It’s amazingly reassuring to learn that the design you choose on your kitchen could make a big difference for a everyday cooking area activities, let alone your entire house life.

Renovations always give a fresh new sensation and a fresh perspective, and this is especially to be able to true for any boring as well as outdated kitchen area. With a new kitchen area, you might find yourself doing far more cooking and staying lengthier in the heart of your own home.

Kitchen manufacturers and retailers carry a quite wide range of cooking area styles from different selling prices, hence the significance of a well thought of plan as well as design. A good plan will allow you to come up with a practical budget.

During the planning phase, you can actually select one whether to scale your budget up or down as you go. Which has a total remodelling bear in mind that you will probably have to exchange all the fixtures, and that the particular finishing will require up a big chunk of the costs.

Most homeowners feel happy and happy when they have makeovers done. A new kitchen will end up a living space you want to show off with pleasure, if not a primary entertaining area in its own right.

Maybe you are considering getting the kitchen built with a food preparation station island, so you can show off your food preparation skills. With this thought, it may be useful to consider redesigning your kitchen to some more open strategy style, to permit the features to flow into a hang or dining area. This will furthermore allow you to think of some inventive ways to charm guests in readiness meals.

There may no doubt become many other intriguing ideas it may seem of to make your kitchen stand out, have character and performance.

Your kitchen can be so much more than just a place to organize, cook, assist, and try to eat meals. Modern kitchens ought to be the ultimate symbol of you and your family’s life-style, yet provide maximum operation and efficiency.

When planning a restoration think of exactly what the kitchen’s accurate purpose is:

How will your home be used and by whom?

How much time do you normally spend each and every time for preparing meals?

What type of meals will your family get pleasure from?

How are your meals geared up?

Do you frequently enjoy smoked or baked meals?

Giving an answer to these queries may also help you opt whether there is a need for the breakfast club or dinner nook, or perhaps a space for a formal eating place which means you and your family can enjoy the meal with each other.

It could be that you take into account allotting some space for a little kitchen business office or desk area so you can still check out and carry on your work while waiting for your baked meal or being applied your marijuana roast.

Suggestions like these, which on the surface may seem trivial, have been what features is all about. They should never be ignored when making your kitchen area renovation strategy.