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Do Your Windows Need To Be Replaced

The problem of condensation on windows can frequently occur during the winter months when the temperatures outside are much colder than the temperature on the inside of your home and indoor moisture comes into contact with your windows. The moisture tends to fog up windows and in extreme cases can cause frost on the inside of the window.

While light amounts of condensation do not cause a major problem, over time excessive amounts of moisture can collect, pool and cause window sills and interiors to rot out. Moisture can also seep into your walls and cause damage to the interior of the wall in the area of the window which can also lead to mold issues.

In order to control excessive humidity and the related condensation, you need to control the relative humidity and contain the sources of moisture found within your home. A few simple ways to control the humidity include:

– Use the vents located in your kitchen (above your stove) as well as your bathroom to remove moisture inside your home to the outside;

– Have any fuel burning appliances inspected each year to ensure that they are operating properly;

– Do not hang wet clothing to dry inside your home – use a clothing dryer that is vented to the outside;

– Do not take green or fresh wood indoors to dry it – wood dries nicely when it is stacked with air spaces between pieces in a covered, outdoor area;

– Use a dehumidifier to extract excess moisture from the air.

If you are doing everything you can to reduce moisture in your home but are still experiencing a large amount of condensation, you may need additional ventilation. Some homeowners use shrink wrap coverage on existing windows during the coldest winter months. These kits are fairly easy to use and relatively inexpensive.

If you notice that your windows are constantly frosted and icy on the inside, it may be time for you to consider replacement of those windows. Older model windows perform poorly and are not effective in keeping out the cold or retaining the heat. If condensation appears between window panes, this means that the seal is broken and the window needs to be replaced.

While you may think it is expensive to replace windows in your home with upgraded energy efficient windows, many installations can qualify you for a rebate. The reason that rebates are offered is because the installation of more energy efficient windows will help you to regulate the temperature in your home better, reducing your heating and cooling costs. This in turn means that you will use less energy.

The cost of window replacement can easily be recovered over a few short years with lower utility costs. In addition, new windows add a great deal of curb appeal and are one of the most inexpensive exterior improvements that can easily add a great deal of equity to your home if you are planning to sell it. Potential buyers can see the value in newly installed windows and the cost savings to them in the future when they own an updated home.