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A Perfect Romantic Meal in The Garden

Going out to eat in a restaurant is a great way to spend time with your partner and to enjoy a romantic setting that offers something a little different from eating at the dinner table. While this is a great way to enjoy some romance though, it’s also generally rather expensive and extravagant and as such it’s not something that you can probably afford to do regularly.

But eating at home doesn’t have to mean having a boring meal at the table, and there are a range of ways you can make a meal in just as different and just as much of a change of scene. You can always have a romantic ‘picnic’ in the living room for instance by setting up a blanket on the floor with a bottle of wine and something nice to eat (this works even better if it’s a surprise), or why not go even further and have dinner outside? This way you can enjoy eating under the stars, being lit by only the candles and garden lights, and feeling the cool breeze through your hair and the complete change of scene. Here’s how to have the perfect outdoor meal…

The Set Up

To enjoy the perfect romantic meal outside you will of course need to have the right set up and place to eat. This means you should invest in some good garden furniture, but it’s also a good idea to have a patio or some decking where you can stand it without having to worry about sinking in the mud or trampling dirt everywhere.

Other features you can get for your garden can also make a big difference. Having somewhere nice to retire after your meal for instance can help you to extend the romantic evening – so why not look into getting a swing bench for your garden or even a hot tub? Likewise being able to be right on site and not have to keep running into the house can also help to make the whole thing go more smoothly so look into getting a barbeque or outdoor kitchen appliances so that you can handle the meal right there while you’re still chatting. If you want to go even further, you can even hire a service to cook for you on the day and that way you can focus all your attention on each other.

Finally, to make sure you can enjoy these occasions all year round, look into getting a shelter for your garden so that you can enjoy the sound of the rain on the roof while you remain dry, and look into investing in garden heaters to keep warm.

The Plan

Now for how you’re going to make the evening perfect. Make sure that you decorate your table nicely as you would were it indoors – so that means a table cloth and your best crockery. Next, get some candles to add to the mood, and set some music to play (using a player indoors or something you can take outside with you).

You can have whatever you want for your meal of course, but choosing foods suited to a romantic meal outdoors can help you make the evening even more special. Finger foods and canapes are great for starters, while light fish meals or Italian pasta dishes are perfect for enjoying on a summer’s evening.