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Simple Ideas For A Beautiful Home

Whether you want to keep your home wonderfully current and up to the moment, or you want the timeless fashion with a hip edge, you will find that taking a look at the home d?cor trends for 2009 can teach you a lot. Decorating your home in a manner that is pleasing to you and that keeps you on the edge of fashion is a great idea, so think about some of the trends that you are going to be seeing. Take a look at some of these trends and see how they are going to serve you.

Wall coverings

Whether you like the idea of a beautiful mural covering your walls or you are simply in a place where you want something a little bit different, keep in mind the fact that you are going to need to think about what your options are going to be and what you can do when you want to get away from the plain walls that were so fashionable just a few years ago. You’ll find that there are plenty of services out there that can give you the wall designs that you want, whether they are inspired by nature or more angular and aggressive. Similarly, think about what a beautiful tapestry or woven cloth could do in that same area.


As we ring in the new year, you will find that you are looking at a broader color palate in some ways. Look for both lively colors as well as more grounded sedate shades as well. Think about colors like soft blues and gentle pinks. A dusky rose, a pale lavender and a more vibrant green are also going to be seeing a lot of play. There seems to be a tendency in the hottest designers towards a more primal feel when it comes to colors and at the end of the day, you will find that there are many things that you can do when you are looking to play this element up.


Just because everything is looking soft and touchable doesn’t mean that you have to give up metal. When you want a bit of shine to your home, think about using a modern metallic finish to your fixtures. In many ways, this is going to add to the energy and the modern feel of your home. Remember that this year, rose gold, copper, platinum and dark silver are all going to be in. Consider where a little sparkle is going to do your home and your environment the most good.

Green Building

With an eye on the energy crisis, more and more designers are looking into green resources and sustainable building material. There is also an interest in vintage furniture and how it works inside the home. While the initial outlay of funds might be more expensive, you will find that there are plenty of options that will keep you going further in the long run.

Take some time and really consider what your options are going to be when it comes the d?cor of 2009; your choices may just surprise you!

Home Sweet Home Simple Tips To Homecare

Nobody wants mud, dirt, leaves being carried around their home by guests (and others), and the best way to stop it is with a door mat! Just like Admiral Barrier Dirt Stopper Mat 50 x 80cms in Beige & Brown…

That is because this door mat is 100% Cotton Pile; machine washable at 40c, highly absorbent door mat, plus it is fast drying and most importantly removes heavyweight dirt & moisture. It has a slip resistant flexible PVC backing and protects all types of flooring.

Being machine washable it is easy to maintain and ideal for use as an entrance mat and for use in Doorways, Patios, Greenhouses, Porches, Conservatories, Changing rooms, Offices & Entrances. There are lots of new mats available online such as Runners & Door Mats range…

They will protect all types of flooring and are very hard wearing. An absolute must is a slip resistant backing because safety is obviously an issue here.

But, also very important question is that the Door Mat is washable or not! You are going to have a hard time keeping it clean unless they are machine washable door mats.

They are perfect for all places in your house but ideal as Front Door Mats and great for use in:- Kitchens- Utility rooms and- Caravans

It really is amazing the amount of extra dirt that is carried into a house when people do not wipe their shoes. And you can therefore imagine how dirty your door mat will get – so a machine washable door mat is a must!

Make sure your door mat is up to the job! Many different options and sizes are available in the market. If you are looking for something larger then various beautiful machine washable runners can be found on Internet in a variety of coordinated colors – and again they are machine washable runners!

And do not forget if you need something to stop dirt in it is tracks a good starting point for keeping out as much dirt as possible would be to use a Dirt Trapper Mat such as the Best Selling Admiral Barrier Dirt Stopper Mat 50 x 80cms in Beige & Brown…

And whenever you need an alternative to nails then Velcro Christmas Decoration Clips and Velcro Christmas Light Clips are a brilliant. These are quick and easy method for hanging up photos, calendars, children’s artwork and much more.

Affix a piece of string or gift ribbon to the back of your item to hang up, stick the velcro square onto the wall and push the hook onto it. Admire! It is so easy method of hanging something up.

Naturally this is only useful for lightweight items such as photos/artwork/calendar, but its usefulness doesn’t stop there. As the name suggests Velcro Christmas Light Clips are also ideal for hanging lighting decorations both indoors & outdoors.

Velcro Christmas Decoration Clips are great for use with tinsel, Christmas stockings & light cables. You could hang small Christmas stockings around the house with them or use them for attaching tinsel and beads to banisters and picture frames.

With big savings on Velcro products, don’t wait until Christmas to buy these essential household items! Just go for it!

Bedroom Decorating Ideas Can Be Simple Or Elaborate

For bedroom decorating ideas, there is a very large number of different themes from which you can choose. Naturally, your decision for bedroom decorating will be based not only on your personal taste, but will also have to do with the budget you have available.

Beyond that, when you’re decorating a bedroom, you also need to think about the amount of space the bedroom permits you. This will help to decide the type and amount of furniture and other items that you will be able to use without making the space too cramped or uncomfortable. Remember, a bedroom should be a calm and inviting space, not an obstacle course!

Therefore, your first step in decorating bedroom is to measure your space, and then come up with the theme or style that you like the best. Among the more popular decorating bedroom ideas are:

* Modern

* Mediterranean

* Cottage

* Southwestern

* Victorian

With your style chosen, you can look into bedroom decorating tips that will allow you to reach that final image. For example, if you were thinking of bedroom decorating ideas that are Victorian, you may consider the following tips:

* The Victorian style has a rather feminine feel about it, so bedroom decorating in this style will primarily be enjoyed by women. If you are considering making the master bedroom a Victorian style room, you will want to make sure that your spouse or partner shares this particular taste.

* Decorating a bedroom in this style is quite showy and dramatic. The bed will typically consist of a heavy four-poster of wood or cast iron. It may have a canopy, curtains, throw pillows and blankets, and a bedspread that is well embellished with patterns, fringe, bows, and ribbons.

* Decorating bedroom styles such as Victorian will also include a great deal of accessorizing, such as with enormous, overstated rugs, flowering plants, and ornate gold frames surrounding paintings of flowers, birds, children, or maidens.

No matter the bedroom decorating ideas you use, as long as you remain focused and follow through, you’re certain to enjoy the final achievement.

Appropriate Bathroom Lighting should be Simple

Bathrooms in the house should also be remodeled when rest of the home is being redone. This room of personal hygiene often contains a bathtub, a shower and a water closet/bidet. The bathrooms containing a toilet are often referred to as a restroom in the US. Many other countries a separate toilet is usually available. Rather than being simply a functional unit, these bathrooms are treated as areas for relaxation. So, these need to be spacious and well lit to give the space a pleasing ambiance. A well-designed lighting can make this area truly relaxing and pleasing. Best bet to achieve your goal is to work with a contractor who is well versed in the intricacies of bathroom remodeling and lighting. Energy audits will help keeping your design optimal.

Lighting needs for a bathroom

The task lighting has to ensure the functional areas are well lit, and no ambiguous shadows are present. The accent lighting could be indirect to make the ambiance soft and provide a warm and fuzzy feel. Lights used in shower stalls will be useful in brightening up the stalls. Reading lights near the toilet will be useful in a relaxing session with your favorite book or a magazine.

Mirrors need to have lighting such that it is not too harsh and does not create any shadows. The light also must not distort colors. Quite often, you get best results with light placed around the mirror at about 60 inch height. Lights 28 inch apart help avoid the shadows on the face. Once again, consult your lighting designer working with your bathroom remodeling contractor.

Other Lighting needs

A dimmer that softens the mirror and other lights can be a very useful addition. Lights under cabinets and other places that help find your way around at night will help a lot. If you have senior citizens living in the house, this is an absolute necessity. If you read while relaxing in a hot tub, you will need a reading lamp around the tub. Shower and the tubs need to have a set of lightings that are bright enough to help you clean the stall and the tub. A central fixture with an appropriate lamp will enhance the elegance of your own personal spa. Do work with your bathroom remodeling contractor closely to achieve what you set out to do at the beginning of the project.