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One Key To Super Fast, Super Healthy, Super Steamed Food – Pressure Cooker

In this modern day busy life, the one thing that is there in everyone’s lips is to be healthy. Though exercise plays a major part in keeping your fit, having the right food is equally important. When every nook and corner of the streets serve junk food and fast food, sticking on to a healthy diet plan is far more difficult than before because of our love for junkies and improper method of cooking.

Though salads and fruits keep you healthy, we can add the health factor to the cooked food also. The best way is to prepare more steamed food varieties. But in this fast world where time is money, we need easier methods to prepare a steamed dish, and the best solution to this problem is a pressure cooker meal.

Save Time, Save Energy

The best part about using a pressure cooker is the reduction in the cooking time. When a normal steamed dish takes about 1-2 hours, a pressure cooker helps in cutting this time to half an hour or less. A pressure cooker can steam vegetables in 5 minutes, pulses in 15 minutes and grains in about 30 minutes. Thus, by reducing the time, the energy gets saved.

Healthier Cooked Food

The health benefits of cooking in a pressure cooker are also relatively higher. While the nutrients are lost in normal cooking, a pressure cooker preserves them thus giving us a healthier cooking option. The super-steam cooking also helps in retaining the flavor of the dish.

Tips On Buying A Pressure Cooker

Always buy a cooker from a reliable and popular brand. Preferably go for a stainless steel cooker with aluminum base. The aluminum helps in faster cooking and steel ensures that the cooked food does not react with the metal. Always buy a cooker with a built-in pressure release system so that in case of an emergency you can let off the pressure manually.

Safe And Sound

Though the pressure cookers has been questioned for safety from time and time, the fact is that if the water level is right and if the lid is closed properly then a pressure cooker is as safe as any other kitchen utensil. Though there had been stories about pressure cooker explosions, the cookers now are totally safe and some even come with a guarantee!

Being tougher and more economical than any other utensil, a pressure cooker has thus found itself a permanent place in all kitchens!