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What Is The Key To Success?

You already know that it is difficult to survive in the restaurant trade at the moment. So if you are setting up a brand new venture, it is only beneficial to you to equip your kitchen with the best tools that are available in the market place. For commercial kitchens there is an endless list of appliances to choose from.

Budget is always the most important consideration and it pays to engage a food service appliance provider to help you make the best choice. These companies will help you with design too. It is necessary to make the most out of the space available if the kitchen is compact. You simply cannot afford to overspend here as you have no idea how many people will be walking through your door. It takes some time to build up a clientele and you need to survive in the intervening period until you are established.

Depending on what type of restaurant you are opening and its size, your choice of cooker is crucial. If you are going to be a steak house, the most useful acquisition will be a griddle. You can do so much with this machine. It will toast your baps, burgers and pancakes.

If, however, you prefer a conventional sit down restaurant with candles on the table and starched napkins, then you might have to purchase more than one oven. You may have to cook fish; you do not want to do this in an oven that you use for roasts, for instance.

One thing is for sure, you will absolutely need refrigeration of some sort to keep your perishable produce fresh. You may need more than one fridge, one for often used food stuffs and the other for things that are not regularly served.

To make sauces and puddings you will need blenders and food processors; but there again, it depends on the size of the place on how much of this equipment you need. Perhaps you can make do initially to buy in your desserts and sauces.

It goes without saying that you will need pans and quite a few of them too. You should buy the best your budget will allow. It will save you money in the end. This goes for knives and other kitchen utensils too.

In a busy restaurant cabinets that keep food on temperature without over cooking are important, but perhaps these are not an immediate necessity if you are just starting out and there are only a few diners initially.

Another essential appliance is a machine for washing up. This appliance will make sure that your dishes and cutlery are thoroughly cleaned to minimise outbreaks of food related illnesses. There is always a chance, if the washing up is done manually that germs can be transferred from the washer up to the crockery.

Make sure that you train your staff in the use of all machinery for maximum efficiency and that they clean the appliances regularly to prevent cross contamination.