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Five Major Uses of Temperature Monitoring

Why Temperature Monitoring?

Temperature monitoring systems are deployed in a broad range of organizations and industries, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, restaurants, food processing plants, caterers, supermarkets, warehouses, breweries, ice cream parlors thus, making them a vital component of many organizations.

temperature monitoring systems are easy to use and customizable, allowing the operators to monitor and control temperature with much ease. The aim of having a monitoring system in different organizations and industries is that it functions as an early warning or alarm system hence, alerting the operators about even the slight variations in temperature , enabling them to take steps to control temperature of the system in time.

Five major uses of T monitoring:

In Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector: Extreme T can have a big effect on both prescription/over-the-counter drugs, vaccines .Therefore; pharmaceutical industry cannot function without an effective temperature control system.Optimum temperature is very essential for the efficacy of medicines.


When some antibiotics decay, they can cause stomach or kidney damage. Thyroid, birth control and other medicines that contain hormones are especially susceptible to temperature changes. These are often protein-based and get denatured in high temperatures.


Vaccines must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured until they are administered. All vaccines are sensitive to heat to some extent, but some are more sensitive than the others, for example, OPV, measles. Some vaccines are also temperature sensing to being too cold, for example, Hep B, DT, and TT.

Organs, Blood and Biological samples:

Temperature monitoring becomes important especially during the storage of blood, organs or biological samples for medical procedures. Even a slight change in temperature may render them unfit for medical use.

In Food Industry:

Food processing: includes cooking, storing, freezing and other applications. These processes require setting proper hotness and coldness in order to ensure their quality and safety. Therefore, T control systems are very essential for the food processing Industries. The temperature of potentially hazardous foods (raw and cooked meat, dairy products, sea foods, processed fruits and vegetables etc.) must be either 5- C or colder or 60- C or hotter when it is received, displayed, transported or stored otherwise, it may lead to their spoilage.

In Breweries and Wineries:

In Breweries: The taste and quality of the wine and beers totally depend on the conditions provided during the manufacturing process. Without T control, it’s simply impossible to brew most beers correctly. Poor T control often results in fermentations that are too hot, causing the yeast to become too sensitive to alcohol toxicity (meaning that they will die off from the alcohol before their usual tolerance is met).

In IT sector:

Server Room T control:

Server Rooms are heart of IT operations and in order to prevent hardware malfunction and system failure, proper operation and setup is critical. In an enclosed space of a server room, heat generated from the system may lead to system crashes, random reboots and overall poor performance. Hence, maintenance of optimum temperature in server rooms is very important.

In warehouses:

When the weather turns bad, climate control is a necessity to protect significant investment in products. No one likes severe conditions, but the fact is that they are a part of life almost no matter where you live. T controlled warehousing prevents the loss or damage of the inventory even in the worst of weather conditions.