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All About Bed Throws And Throws For Sofa

People have been draping themselves and the furniture items at home, be it a bed or a sofa set since ages. The basic idea behind keeping the furniture all covered up was to save it from dust, when not in use. To make sure that the fabric retains its freshness and the polished wood its shine, these simple preventive measures were required.

Over the years this whole concept has taken a new turn. Now the purpose of draping the sofa with a fabric is not merely for keeping it dusts free but it also works as a major factor for enhancing the home decor. Drapes have been replaced by throws. Now you have throws for sofas and throws for beds. Big range of fabrics is used for making the throws. Some of the common and most liked fabrics are chenille, cotton, organic woven cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, faux fur, fleece etc.

Be it a living room or a bedroom, these throws come very handy. One can go for plain colours, printed decorative designs checks or stripes or any other style that coordinates well with the interior decoration scheme. A plain looking bedroom with neutral shades can look most alluring with a brightly coloured cotton throw spread on a bed. With a nice collection of these bed throws one can change the ambiance of the room with every new change.

Apart from using as a spread on beds and sofas one can enjoy the comfort of snuggling into the warm blanket throws. These can be placed anywhere on the bed; either just above the pillows or at the foot of the bed, where one can conveniently reach and use them. While watching your favorite show on the TV you can stretch full length on the sofa and cover yourself all over with these throw blankets. Usually these are little smaller in size than the cotton throws and are easy to handle. Throws of all sizes are available in the market. There is no problem in getting hold of extra-large throw for a big sofa set.

For a glamorous look one can opt for cable knit throws. They are not only warm but are weaved in such a manner that they give a rich feel. They look extremely nice when draped on a single sofa set. Apart from the knit throws quilted cotton throws are also much in demand. The quilted pattern not only gives them a visual appeal but they are of immense practical use. They can either be used as a bed spread or can also be used as a light blanket cover. In light winters they are perfect to be used and provide lots of warmth and comfort.

Being so much in use these can be a perfect gift items. Select the right colour and style and just to add a personal touch, one can customize it as well. Some little patchwork with funny lines pinned here and there gives a complete new look to a plain throw.

Suitable for any moment and any place; be it to snuggle into in front of the fireplace or something to be sprawled on to in the garden and soak the warm sun.