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Where And Why Submersible Pumps And Air Operated Submersible Pumps Can Be Used

Now a days, pumps are needed in every walks of field ranging from oil industry to construction industry to suit the specific need. Technical advancement has also contributed largely in the construction of newer type of devices which can achieve the same at low cost and relative ease. As all of us are aware that individual industries are having diverse set of demands which a machine need to cater in order to gain popularity. Also, while designing this kind of machines after capturing the requirement from the customers, experts of the field are also being consulted to state their view on this and how this can be achieved. Thus, pump manufacturing companies take help of modern technology and invests a lot into rigorous research to come out with a solution. Also, these machines are then tested at larger extent rigorously for longer time in order to gain trust as later on, it will hit the market as a show case product of the company and if it becomes popular, it will help the company to make a name of itself in the market. So, instead of targeting to make a device which can suit the need of all of the sectors, they tend to make high end devices for specified sector only.

For de watering applications used in construction and mining industries, air operated submersible pumps have gained popularity across globe because of its unique features associated with it. Also, it is being used in general industries, sump drainage, pumping of seawater from holds and bilges and also used while emptying ballast tanks in ships, submarines. These pneumatic submersible pumps are air-operated; hence do not require any electric cables. As all of us are aware that electric cables have more possibility of wearing out while the machine is being pulled out of drainage or sump area, making the service downtime longer. Moreover, these ancillary parts are very much costly hence if damaged can cost more. Some of the other features are:-

There are various types of submersible pumps available made of different materials to cater the requirements of sectors ranging from light industrial to heavy duty industries. They find their best use in stormwater drainage, sewage removal, mining, industrial waste removal, kitchen/ food processing waste etc. Some of its features are:-